What is the most LV you have bought at one time?

  1. For me I have only bought one thing at a time but in the last 2 weeks I have bought an Azur Saleya MM, Dune Mini Lin Speedy, Denim Baggy PM and a Black Epi Pochette, all in separate purchases.

    Serious Ban time for me!!!!
  2. lol. i got 2 things once as a gift. but other than that...anything i buy takes some serious saving or is a gift from the lovely bf. **sad face**
  3. I tend to buy one thing at a time but I have bought quite a bit since January...
    Mono speedy 30, Damier Azur Speedy 30, Epi Black Speedy 30, Large Neverfull, Small Neverfull, Epi Red Passy, and a LE Grey Denim Pouchy. I also bought a wallet, cosmetic case, business card case, cles, passport case, and 2 purse charms.
    Its a haul but I must tell you I sold most of my bag collection on eBay in Jan and Feb and started over. My eBay $$$ funded most of this...thank goodness.
  4. I'm usually just one bag at a time....but I have in the past bought a boatload of stuff within a week/month!
  5. The most I have bought in a month was about 4 years ago, it was when I discovered my love for LV (and the store loved me for it!) - cherry blossom pap, mono accessories pochette, mono cles, mono billfold wallet, twin clutch GM, multicolour mini wallet and mc mini speedy, speedy 25 :sweatdrop:
  6. NINE in a MONTH? :wtf:

    I'm planning on buying one big purse, and probably a pochette or maybe a wallet with it b/c I never go to LV, it's quite far away. And then, buy nothing except for small things and a couple of clothes for at least 3 months :p And buy nothing LV for at least 6-8 months!
    But NINE in ONE MONTH? Are you allright? Don't have a fever or anything...? :amazed:
  7. Go you! Congrats! I bought both lockit bags in the miroir line in 1 day. That is the most $$ I have spent at one time, almost $4000 in one shot! I buy all the tme though, I am horrible. I am on a ban after I get my mirage...
  8. I visit the store approx. once eevry 4-6 weeks I average 5-7 items each visit
  9. the most i've ever bought in a single boutique visit: 7 items

    i've been going to Toronto once or twice a month now, and i've been coming home with something each time :biggrin:. i've been looking through my old threads to try and figure out how much i've bought, but i think ever since i joined this forum i probably averaged about 3 or 4 items every single month :push:
  10. Let's see...my very first purchases were a Speedy 25 and Saleya PM (through elux).

    In the boutique the most damage I've done at once was a mono zippy wallet for me and a tie for my BF for Valentines Day. (got these with a fellow tpf'er too so it was even more special!!)
  11. single boutique visit: 3 bags 1 wallet.
    in one month: 10 bags
  12. 3 items on one shopping trip. I have self control. :rolleyes:
  13. hmm the most in one trip for me was 8 items - 3 handbags, 2 pairs of shoes, a wallet, and 2 cles :smile:
  14. Just two--my Obsession Carre sunnies and black monogram shawl (which I later exchanged for my mini lin Speedy)
  15. When I was at the Champs Elysee store, I picked up the BV, BH and fleurs bandeau all at once. :yes: