What is the most 'in' colour at the moment?

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  1. As you know I sell handbags on mywebsite (not designer though) and just wondering in your opinion, what the most popular bag colour is at the moment?

    I was thinking brown but I think thats been done. Do you think gold metalic?
  2. Metallics seem like they are still in, although I like looking, I don't think it's super practical. I am a very "safe" person when it comes to handbags, and usually buy classic colors. People have been obsessing over the "whiskey-colored" paddy on the forum, so maybe something similar to that color?
  3. i think ivory is big. maybe that's just because i looooove it, though.
  4. ^^ I agree. I was never into ivory before but now I'm seeing it and I'm LOVING it! My winter white bag shipped to me today and I'm already thinking about something for summer....
  5. i feel like metallics are on the way out, although there are still lots of people toting them around. maybe a color that has a sheen, something in between metallic and matte?
  6. My gut instinct was to say oranges and rusty browns, but I think that's just because the fall lines were out the last time I really went shopping, so everything I looked at was brown . . .
    That said, I think Amanda's right, ivory is the "it" color for this winter. Harsh bright whites are on the way out, warmer tones are in and I'm starting to see a lot more ivory and cream.
    Aside from the seasonal trends, I think green is still a choice accessory color, as pink recedes back into obscurity. ;)
    Metallics are still popular, which totally baffles me. I remember a couple winters ago, when everything in the Kenneth Cole collection was metallic it just drove me nuts, and I thought "there's no way this is anything more than a flash in the pan trend" and, yet, they're still around. Of course, I should just shut up, since I got a metallic pink cell phone case from Japan last month. :shame:
  7. What the most 'in' colour at the moment is serious business.
  8. Thanks everyone!! Ivory it is :smile: