what is the most faked lv model . . .

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  1. . ..:nogood::hrmm::wtf::cursing:
  2. speedy...that's my guess
  3. without a doubt...speedy
  4. mono speedy for sure...
  5. Mono Speedy for sure
  6. i'm gonna agree with the others and say speedy
  7. speedy, abbesses and montsouris
  8. Def the mono speedy, and second most mono pochette
  9. I would have to say the mono speedy as well!
  10. what everyone else said. Speedy with feet lol
  11. Mono Speedy for sure!
  12. where I live ... mono speedy 25 and 30
  13. mono speedy, damier....:tdown:
  14. speedy and pouchette
  15. Mono Speedy!
    But I also see a LOT of faked Multicolore and Mono Pochettes. Those Multicolore ones especially are horrible!