what is the most expensive b-bag you own?

  1. :happydance:
  2. City w/GH x 2
  3. ooh, what a lovely bag that must be! i am sure they were worth every penny!
  4. ^^ my brand new '05 dolma city :tender:
    attachment.jpg attachment-1.jpg
  5. a dark coffee fbf and turq '04 weekender
  6. my new 04 seafoam first.
  7. Ohhhh... sounds gorgeous! Can you post pics???
  8. '04 eggplant twiggy.. should arrive any day now. :yes:
  9. oh my goodness! envy!!!!! :love: you are so lucky! i want to see!!! do show! :p
  10. my 03 emerald:heart:
  11. yay! i am sure it will be beautiful. the eggplant is such an amazing color! you must take photos!
  12. ^^ wooooooo-whoooooo, congrats girl:yahoo:
  13. Hmmm.. That would be my 06 Ink City... its not actually here yet... but it will be here sooon!!!! :biggrin:
  14. my 2006 Blueberry WORK followed very closely buy my 2005 Turq FIRST!
  15. Pebbled flat brass and it was worth every cent. Love it.:love: