What is the most exclusive, limited, hard to find LV ever made?

  1. The only one that comes to mind is the Oskar and Macha waltz.

    I know they have a bunch of limited, discontinued ones that are in demand like cerises, cherry blossom and graffiti.

    But those pop up on ebay on a weekly basis. So they are attainable.

    What is the top bag that is limited, and hard to find?

    I know they make exclusive bags every year but I cannot think of any other that was so sought after and extrememly hard to find except for the Waltz Oskar and Macha Waltz. :shrugs:

    Are they any others?
  2. Good threat!

    Have you pics of these two bags?
  3. Chinchilla bag? I hope cause that's a lot of them that they have to kill =[

    How common are the metallic le fabs?
  4. there was a shirley shaped clutch with lizard skin & swarovski crystal, j-lo and victoria beckham have one seen it on ebay once only.

    there are rumored to be only 40 made worldwide .
    I adore it and would kill for it sadly when it was on ebay it was very very expensive
  5. what about those metallic metal-mesh evening bags? the ones with the long straps?

    i forgot the name of them...they came in gold and silver...? ive never seen one in person...but ive seen maybe 2 on ebay throughout the years...
  6. I really love the dalmation bag and never see it. Does anyone here own one or have seen someone carrying one?
  7. Francis! :yes:

  8. ^^^^^Here is the Oskar....my Dream...:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  9. love the oskar more without the stap...for some reason I prefer that bag hand held and the strap just seems to do nothing for the bag...
  10. I remember those. I was on the waitlist but I declined when they were released (months after the initial date).

    I think the most exclusive LV must be the ones made only for the runway and never mass produced or sold.
  11. How about this one :graucho: :love::


  12. The Speedy 25 and 30 in Monogram Canvas. :roflmfao: Just kidding.

    Hmm.... I'll have to name one of my fave bags... The blue Monogram Eponge Cabas bag. :drool:
  13. Of course, I think it's the one I want the most and can't get my hands on...
    Perle Vernis Speedy! ONE DAY!

  14. I have 1.. in my showcase thread :smile:
  15. Gorgeous! You have great taste, LV_addict!