What is the most classic bag in the CHANEL collection?

  1. New to the CHANEL forum and would like to know, what do you guys think is the most timeless, classic style that Chanel has in its lineup? I am eyeing the petite caviar tote as a first purchase, but any other styles you would suggest to be a nice (yet reasonably priced) starter bag?
  2. The pink caviar PST was my first Chanel. I love it! I think it's classy and timeless, and the price is pretty good for a Chanel. A lot of people say that the flap is probably the most timeless, classic style...I'm eyeing a black one for my next purchase.
  3. I agree the flaps will always be the most classic style known from Chanel. But in my opinion the PST IS GREAT! Im still lusting over one right now!!
  4. true classic ICONIC Chanel will forever be a lambskin Classic Flap.
  5. It will be the caviar classic flap in med/large or jumbo~
  6. Classic flap in Med. Oh and black. Both skin's are just as great as each other.
  7. I think both skins are fab, but I think the original is most iconic.
  8. Reasonably priced isn't in the vocabulary of Chanel, however I agree the Classic Flap is the most classic.
  9. Classic Flap IMO :biggrin:
  10. I would have to agree with the Classic Flap. That is the first Chanel bag I "noticed" so in my mind, when I think Chanel, I think black classic flap.
  11. Black classic flap.
  12. agreed!
  13. what color h/w is the original?

    so far i understand it is the black (lambskin) classic flap..

    size is ? h/w is ?
  14. Classic flaps and reissues. The others (IMHO) however nice don't compare to those bags in terms of classic and iconic to me.

    "Reasonably priced" + Chanel doesn't exist in my opinion. They are great bags but prices aren't low.
  15. black caviar classic flap in med/large or jumbo with silver hardware