What is the most anyone has paid in customs for an LV bag

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  1. I want to buy a bag from an international seller that is a slight bit under retail. But I'm terrified about paying customs. i'm afraid they might charge so much that it won't be worth it.

    What are your experiences? I live in the US and the bag is over $1K
  2. didn't somebody pay like 50% above the price of the bag for customs?
  3. Shut up.:wtf: Don't say that. I'm really scared now. :shrugs: LOL :sweatdrop:
  4. Above price? That can´t be. It´s a certain prosentage of the price customs take.
  5. You could find the customs website for your country which should tell you the percentage they charge.( I only know the one for here.)
    In this country we are even taxed on the postage:cursing: so be careful you don't end up being charged heaps.
  6. Oh geez. I'm still scared. Does anyone in the US have any insight of their experiences with customs?:shrugs:
  7. ^^ im sorry..maybe i misread a thread :shrugs:
  8. I paid $165 for my cerises speedy from the US.
  9. OK, I made THE STUPIDEST mistake EVER once asking the seller to decalre the full value of the bag for customs (the bag was being shipped FedEx from US to Canada). I paid $735.00 Canadian in duties!:cursing: NEVER AGAIN!!! If something is shipped to me via FedEx (IMO, THE MOST reliable courier), I ask the shipper to decalre $50.00 (gift allowance for Canada) and mark it UNSOLISITED GIFT! I've received numerous packages like that and never had any problems (it slides past customs like a charm)!
  10. I've never paid customs on bags coming into the US.
  11. If it its slightly under retail, why don't you just get it from the boutique? Unless it is discontinued of course.

  12. ooh that's good to hear. Where have you purchased from in the past?
  13. I'm not 100% sure but I think customs do random checks on undeclared items. A friend of mine sent a book from overseas to my son as a birthday gift. I received it a month after she sent it and there was a stamp on the package saying it had been opened by customs. Obviously I didn't get charged any tax because it was only a book.
  14. I do the same thing! $1-50 seems to the be the "green" zone for customs declaration. I was once warned by a seller that she couldn't decalre full value, else I would end up paying. Ever since then, I always ask for just declaring the amounts above. :yes:

  15. Thanks. Maybe I'll try that.