What is the Most and Least you have spent on a BBag

  1. whats the most anyone has spent on a single b bag my purchace was 700 the most
  2. mine was 675 pounds so far:Push:
  3. USD$1500 on my rouge theatre city due to custom taxes!!! Pffft! I won it on eBay for USD$1250... Oh well.
  4. $1200 so far that is........
  5. $1200 for my '05 rouge theatre city
  6. $1600. for turq.'04 city!!!!
  7. $1375 for sky blue city but I WISH I had spent the $1600 for the eggplant city!!
  8. It wasn't suppose to be so expensive, but with PayPal currency conversion, postage cost from Australia and sniper fees added up to $1500 on my mint condition flat brass first!
  9. $1200 plus shipping for my '04 Anis Twiggy...I think I overpaid, but I'm love her, so I consider it worth it!
  10. $1200 plus shipping........for my Greige City and it was worth every penny!!
  11. $1200 plus taxes for my black city. It's kind of hard to believe that the amount I spent is equivalent to one month's rent but I think it was worth it!
  12. $1385 + NYC tax = $1500 and some change :Push:
  13. hhmmmmm .... should I tell it again :shame: :s ?! Some of you guys will remember that eBay-auction-thriller 4 months ago :graucho: :lol: ! ! ! OK - yes I confess again . . . I paid $2746 plus shipping (!!!) for a GORGEOUS '04 LILAC city from dude.... - if you want to read the whole thread about that - enjoy it here :love: :


    Btw: I don't regret it yet and I still L:heart: VE this bag, it's my favorite for ever :drool: !
  14. ^first, there's never a pricetag for happiness-enjoy her! :flowers: ;) :love:
  15. :jammin: I was thinking about you and your bag... :yahoo:
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