What is the most amount of $$ spent on beauty item

  1. What is the most amount of $$ spent on a beauty item? Did you repurchase?

    The most I have EVER spent on a beauty item was $30 for a Mac foundation. And no, I did not repurchase.
  2. it was for a set from shu that included makeup box, cleasinng oil, lashes, glue, etc.

    for makeup item, it is cle de peau compact foundation. i like it, but not sure if i want to repurchase. i got it for 20% off. and i think it was $60 (75 regularly) + the case
  3. The much-discussed SKII Air Touch foundation dispenser and refills. I loved it for a while but then discovered a 'By Terry' alternative, so won't be buying it again any time soon.
  4. I purchased LaPrairies microdermabrasion set w/the toner -came to $350
  5. Not counting perfume and facials... probably $70 for a bottle of professional grade glycolic acid. Makeup wise, $55 for Armani foundation.
  6. I've spent over $200 for perfume. For makeup - maybe $40 on Nars foundation?
  7. A Facemaster two years ago-I still use it and like the results, so I guess it was worth it. Second thing was Strivectin, but I thought my eyes actually looked worse after using it.
  8. La Mer, it kills the wallet but it does hydrate the skin extremely well
  9. chanel eyeshadows 50 bucks a quad, lipgloss 25 bucks

    mac foundation 30 bucks

    dior eyeshadows 50 bucks

    i repurchase constantly lol
  10. $55 on armani foundation, worth every penny, will rebuy.
  11. La Prarie luxe body cream caviar at Nieman Marcus- $325

    i recommend this product! it is so luxurious.
  12. I use Creme de la Mer for my daily mosturizer, so $110 for a 1oz jar. (I'd buy the bigger jar, but it's not very convenient for travel.)

    For makeup, Chanel Lumiere D'Artifices eye shadow @ $98 (from eBay b/c it's a limited edition no longer available in stores.)
  13. All I can think of is Strivectin, for my eyes & I stopped using it because I think it was making my face break out!?!? I don't think it's that great...
  14. I spent $95 plus shipping for creme de la mer moisturizer and it is too rich for my combination skin. I try to remember to use it around my eyes but for me it was not worth the $$$$.

    Once I spend $55 for a By Terry lipstick that was recommended in Allure - hated hated hated the color, texture, everything about it and I would never spend that kind of money on a lipstick again. I also try not to buy expensive cosmetics without seeing them in person first since the colors look so different than on a web site or in a magazine.

    Live and Learn! Peggy
  15. I think it was $125 for an anti-aging serum. It lasted for about 6 mos.