What is the MJ or Marc by MJ bag you want at the moment..rop

  1. [​IMG]I am dying for Turnlock teri tote..i am savin up for this..gosh the wait is killing me:crybaby:
  2. i've recently become obsessed with the mbmj quinn. i would love it in cordovan.

    i also want a mj zip clutch in one of the new fall colors.

    i guess i'd better start saving up! :sweatdrop:
  3. I have three lol! I'm thinking of the the Delancey, Turnlock Quinn, or the Super K shoulder bag.
  4. i want the Dr.Q Groove desperately!!! either color would do... heck, why not both colors!!

  5. The MJ beige python stam with turquoise trim :graucho: I wonder how much they're on sale now...
  6. I am so in love with the patchwork Carolyn in ivory.

    Next on the list is the Dr. Q groovee in tan.

    And the third would either be a Christy or a Sofi in black... because I'm currently in need of a black bag for everyday use.
  7. Still lusting over the quited elise...
  8. Mello Yello Jen: What color were you thinking about getting: The tan, chocolate or burgundy?
  9. I saw the Dr. Q at bloomies 2 days ago.. I dunno, I wasn't very impresed.. but then again, I think the Delancey is sooo much better... so i'm partial.

    but the prices are a little high on that one.
  10. ^ originally i liked the delancey better too, but when i saw it irl, it was HUGE! too big for everyday use and the dr. q groovee is not as small as it looks online. either way, the leather on this bag is spectacular.
  11. I've got Dr. Q groovee in either tan or chocolate on my list. Plus I still want a stam in either black or ivory. Too much bags going on.