What is the Mirroir line?

  1. I'm so lost. I keep seeing posts where this is mentioned. Can anyone post pics?
  2. Here you go:
    00060m.jpg 00330m.jpg 00300m.jpg 00090m.jpg
  3. Does anyone know what sizes the speedies will come in? 25 & 30?
  4. Only the 34 size (new for this line) and a keepall will be introduced, no 25's or 30's.
  5. I just called over the phone and spoke with LV manager and they told me that they would sell the new mirror speedy 30 in november or maybe december. i am not sure!! :sad: :oh:
  6. Those aluminium foil SpaceBags do not look 'luxurious LV' to me anymore! :shocked: I'm shocked!

    :amazed: Why???
  7. Does anyone have any prices on the mirror line?
  8. So far the only price I've inquired about is Speedy - US$1150.00:yes:
  9. ^^ That's not bad Thanks!

  10. :roflmfao: Wow that statement is going to come up everytime I see those bags.
  11. Fringe Bags = Muppet Show Bags (but they're cute ones!)
    Miroir Bags = Space Bags

    We could make our own Space Bags by using these materials :yes:
    Maybe cover up an old Speedy with some metallic wrap? :graucho: :P


  12. I think the Papillon will be cute in this line. For some reason none of the larger ones (speedy or Alma) speak to me.

  13. Holy S I love that idea! I think I will make mine in the color third down from the top. :lol:

  14. :lol::roflmfao::biggrin:
  15. And by the way it's MIROIR not MIRROIR
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