What is the minimum amount of jewelry you ever wear?

  1. Curious to see what our most essential pieces are. :smile: In situations where you want to wear the minimum possible (traveling, etc) what does that mean to you?

    I never take off my wedding band, but unless I'm asleep or in the shower, I would always be wearing at least one more thing so as not to feel naked. My second most important pieces would be a watch (even if it's a cheap one, I don't really feel dressed without it) or my silver Adina 3/4" hoop earrings. :yes:

    How about you?
  2. Earrings, engagement and wedding rings, and a tiny silver stud in my nose.
  3. i usually only wear my wedding rings. if i remember to put anything else on, i like to wear my pearls. tahitian, japanese, freshH2O, i like them all
  4. I change everyday! I always have on my wedding ring. I wear some sort of a diamond earring, a diamond bracelet, some kind of a diamond pendant or necklace. Something of this kind of mix daily. Somtimes more than others, sometimes less.
  5. i always wear a yellow gold bracelet with six cabochon cut stones (yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, emerald, garnet and moonstone) which is a replica of one i got when i was 8 with a garnet but filled up later. i lost the original in japan :cry: and wasn't too pleased that they put the stones in the wrong order when i had the new one made up!

    i also wear a silver necklace with a pineapple like my avatar, and another silver necklace with a four leaf clover that used to belong to my great aunt.

    sometimes i'll wear a watch and sometimes i won't, and i have a few rings i used to wear religiously (white gold signet ring, silver square shaped ring and gold ring with a small ruby) but for some reason it's pretty rare that i wear any of those right now. my pearls are also far too neglected at the moment..

    i do take it all off when i have a sauna though, hot metal, skin.. ouch!
  6. Tiny diamond stud in my nose, tiffany tag bracelet.
  7. Wedding set, anniversary set, and won't leave the house without a pair of earrings. :shame:
  8. tanzanite ring and diamond/silver necklace.
  9. I have to wear earrings all the time, even if it's just studs. For some reason I feel naked without earrings. I almost always wear my class ring too, but it depends on where I'm going.
  10. My engagement ring and a necklace
  11. my promise ring from my bf/fiancee :smile:

    is it weird that i hardly wear my engagement ring much? :sad:
  12. Earrings - any of them is fine. I also feel naked without them!
    My two rings + my watch. Except on weekends - I don't wear a watch on weekends so I can relax more.
  13. Nothing, that's my minimum.

    Sometimes I wear a watch.

    But I do like to experiment with jewelry so when I put in the effort, I will wear jewelry.
  14. nah. :smile: I hardly ever wear mine (I've got it on today for the first time in about 3 weeks).

    I am married though so I always wear my wedding band... while we were still engaged, I never went out without my engagement ring.
  15. I'm starting to feel naked without earrings, too. I never used to feel that way, but last night I was on my way out with just my ring and a necklace, looked in the mirror and saw my naked piercings in each ear and I HAD to add some small studs. Had to!

    I think I just don't like the way the holes in my ears look with nothing in them.
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