What is the measurement of the cerises bucket red dustbag?

  1. Hi, those of you who has it, may I know the measurement? Is it the drawstring type? Also, will a cerises speedy fit into it without being folded? :shame:

    I will be purchasing a cerises speedy and heard that the red dustbag is too small... But I really LOVE it so will have to look out for a bigger red dustbag... Which red dustbag will be big enough for the cerises speedy? The bucket, sac plat or keepall? :s

    Anyone know where I can get one besides ebay?

    Thanks for all the info..! :smile:
  2. Oops, my bad... Yea, I did ask about the measurement of the cerises speedy dustbag but I forgot that she included the measurement of the other dustbag as well... :P

    Anyway, I just need to confirm that the red drawstring dustbag is really the one that comes with the bucket as I plan on purchasing a cerises speedy AND the red drawstring dustbag as well. Someone told me that the red dustbag that comes with the cerises bucket is not big enough too, so I need to confirm on that. So anyone who can help me on this, I'll be really grateful... Thanks.
  3. As far as I know, the only dustbag that is too small is the FLAP dustbag that comes with the Cerises Speedy because the Speedy comes folded. Both the Cerises Bucket and the Sac Plat come with DRAWSTRING bags which are very large and can be used to store the Cerises Speedy fully stuffed without having to fold it.

    The only thing is that apparently THERE ARE NO MORE RED BAGS to be found. LV doesn't have them anymore, so your only hope is Ebay, I guess:sad:

    I took pictures of mine so you can have a better idea of the sizes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. ^^ Thank you..! That has been really helpful... I can't seem to find any on ebay too. Do you mind sharing how you got yours? :P
  5. The drawstring bag I got on Ebay, but it was about 6 months ago...and the seller is telling me now that he can't really find anymore:sad:

    The flap one I just came with the Speedy when I purchased it form LV.
  6. Oh, then I have to check ebay constantly... :sad: Hope I get one soon. It just seems so impossible, never seen any at all so far... Hmm, if i do end up getting the cerises speedy, my poor speedy won't have a home... :Push: :sweatdrop:
  7. Oh, sure it will!
    Just get one of the regular cotton drawstring bags (yellowish kind). They are gorgeous and very large! I store both of my Speedy 30's (which are much bigger) fully inflated/stuffed in those drawstring bags! They're AWESOME!

    And those YOU DO find on Ebay all the time!
  8. ^^ Guess I just gotta settle with the regular dustbag before I get the red drawstring dustbag... What's the reasonable price for a dustbag and how to tell the authenticity? :P