What is the max that you would pay for a used Speedy 30 or 35?

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  1. I've been looking at used Speedy's on ebay and I'm torn between being able to tell what a "good deal" is or if the price is so close to the retail that I might as well buy new. What's the cut-off price?

    Any suggestions? Also does anyone have a Speedy 35? How do you like the size? I love big bags and already own a Speedy 30 of the multicolor bag but I'm curious as to how big the 35 is.

    The LV store in my city is currently sold out.
  2. how used is the bag? that's how I kind of determine what I'd pay...around $299-320 for a used 30 around 2-4 years old with a patina...that's what I paid for my 30. but if it's in newer condition, you definitely gotta adjust...around 20% less than retail?

    the 35 is pretty big, but depending on what you carry it may be the perfect size. my 30 is perfect for me, never tried on the 35. you definitely need to try it on in person with your stuff in it to see if it's a good "fit".
  3. I think the way you do pricewise. It depends on how old it is and what the condition is.
  4. If anyone is bored please click on the link of the bag I purchased. Did I get a good deal? I thought the bag looked to be in pretty good shape, but it was an impulse buy.
  5. ^^^ WOW! Great condition!!! GREAT buy!!!:love:
  6. I think about $300 for a Speedy with a patina, the poupette sellers have some all the time, I'm ready for my speedy 25 finally ! So hopefully anyday now, I'll be showing off pictures of my new baby ! ;)
  7. Wow Becca! That is a fabulous deal on a beautiful bag! How exciting ;)