What is the material for Metallic Madison Hippie???

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  1. Hello all, this bag is pretty new (released last month I believe). But I'm not sure what material it is and what can be used to clean it because of the metallic dusting.


    Descriptions on Coach website: "Shiny cowhide leather"
    But the SA told me it was "Goat-skin suede"

    The care card that came with the bag said: "Specialty Product" and says to NOT use Coach Cleaning Products on it.
  2. If it says do Not use any of the Coach products on it, then Don't. I know alot of members have the Apple Spray...
  3. I have this bag. It is leather not suede. It is pretreated by coach already and I was told not to use any leather care products on it. It is so far wearing well. I've used it on and off for the couple weeks.