What is the markup in the Middle East?

  1. What is the markup for European luxury goods in the Middle East compared to elsewhere (in the US, in particular)?

    Thank you!
  2. Is there something specific that you are interested in like a brand etc?
  3. i've traveled extensively in the Middle East and i have never noticed a markup on brand names. if there is one, it's not large in any sense. other than that, i don't have numerical figures for you.
  4. I've been to the ME often and the only heavy markup I've seen has been on jewelry. But if you have a question on a specific brand I'll ask my sister who currently lives in Bahrain.
  5. Markup on jewellery? Most tourists buy watches and jewellery when they are here (UAE). GCC countries offer some of the best prices around.
  6. i doubt there is any mark up in Dubai - but there are some ME ladies around who could answer that question more reliably. i know that lots of friends went and bought in Dubai (UAE) bec it is so worth it.

    I remember there was a thread in the deals and steals section about super reduced bags in Bahrain - and they posted original and sales prices.


    this is the link. if anything it is a fun read. somewhere there is a list of prices and I think there might be the original retail prices as well. might help for comparison.