What is the mahogany color like?

  1. I have been searching for a dark brown structured shoulder bag and really like both of these. Does anyone know what the mahogany color is like? Can you describe the color? Is it chocolately at all? Any experiences with either of these bags? Thanks!

    10134_SVMA_d2.jpg 10212_B4MA_d2.jpg
  2. mahogany is a deep rich brown...yes I consider it chocolately..that probably best describes it.

    IMO I love Coach's mahogany it's just a gorgeous color!
  3. It is a "chocolately" color. I have the shoulder tote in the mahogany pebbled leather...I love it. I would pick the Hampton carryall.
  4. It's a very beautiful brown. "Chocolatey" sounds just about right to me.
  5. chocolate is a good description...here's a picture of 2 signature bags that are mahogany...the mini sig and the sig duffle are both khaki/mahogany.