what is the longest

  1. what is the longest time you have kept a bag before using it
    I have just started to use a chloe tekla that I bought in last years NAP sale its not that I didn't like it just didn't get round to using it until now
  2. I bought a Kate Spade last year and haven't used it at all. I feel kinda bad, but at the same time, it was a great deal I guess so... why sell it?
  3. Not very long at all- two days maybe? When I buy a new bag I get so excited that I just have to use it. The only time I used to wait was when I was in school and only going to class- if I bought a small bag I couldn't take it to class so it had to wait until I went out.
  4. The longest time I've kept a bag without using it is my Balenciaga chocolate twiggy-2 months. I got her and my steel day very close to each other, so I used the day more often.
  5. i bought a bag in early july still in its dustbag. other bags, i havent left the mall wout using! lol
  6. I purchased a clutch from Target from Devi Kroell...which was really cheap...I still haven't used it..its been about two months now. My other larger bags..I use them at the day of or after purchase and then I'll put them back sometimes.
  7. I've bought a couple of evening bags which have sat in my closet for months, still unused. Other bags (handbags, workbags) I tend to use as soon as I buy.
  8. I have a few LV bags purchased at least 2 years ago which are still in my closet. crazy!
  9. The longest is my MA in berry, which has been sitting in my closet for about 2 months now. I'm waiting for it to really be fall before bringing her out.
  10. I have a pink coach bag that has sat in my closet in it's dust cover for about 2 years.
  11. I use all mine within the first few days.
  12. I have a Coach tote that I bought in April, used it once in June, and its been sitting in my closet ever since.
  13. Me too! Then if I'm not so crazy about it, it sits until I forget about it...
  14. I have a couple I bought in the spring that I'm saving until Oct. 1. Or I guess Oct. 1 and 2, since probably I can't carry both the same day.
  15. Probably 24 hours. I'm always so excited when I get a new bag, I use it right away.