What is the longest you've ...

  1. Just wondering what is the longest period of time that any of you ladies have gone without buying a H bag?

    I have not bought any H bags since December 19th, 2005.
  2. hm..Haven't bought one period....aiming for one in the future :smile:
  3. I am with Ladystara! Still waiting to get my first!
  4. LadyStara and Jag, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that both of you will get your first H bag soon!!

    Jag, are you going to come to the Vegas tPF meeting? If a group of us go into the boutique, I think there's a much higher likelihood that the SAs will be more willing to make accomodations and show the Birkins from the back.
  5. Ah, great question Kou :yes:

    Prior to my new Kelly :yahoo: it'd been 6 months since my last H-bag purchase! I went to Buenos Aires in April and just happened upon the Hermes store there - found an adorable 25cm Birkin in chevre and couldn't resist! Since that time, I've been trying really hard to behave as I really want to get a miel croc bag to match the shoes that I purchased on Madison Ave earlier this year.

    But it's sooooo hard to resist a new H bag! My black box Kelly with gold hw is at the spa (I miss her soooo much) so I went into Kelly withdrawal!!! Like I said in the Hermes-addicted thread, I'm hooked....big time:yes:

  6. I think the longest stretch of time since I started the habit has been about 10 months between H-bags. DH is in NY right now...I dropped a lot of not-so-subtle hints as to colors, styles, leathers I liked. :graucho: Hopefully something good will pop up this week in NY.
  7. 4 years.
  8. i haven't gotten anything since two Saturdays ago... I am doing good...and no small Hermes items as well..
  9. Oh, my...my Hermes addiction is really bad...I always have Hermes transactions on my credit card EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Any month with less than $10000 Hermes transactions means it is a good/controlled month...:Push: :yucky: :crybaby:
  10. My last H purchase was last August. I am trying hard to save for an ostrich or croc birkin/kelly (havent decide b/w the 2), so I guess I would not be buying for a long time. I'm saving from scratch btw, so it can take me a while :sad:
  11. sarah - go with the croc!!!!!!
  12. GF... yes, I'm leaning more towards the croc (of course). Let's just see how the saving plan goes okay, LOL. I know myself very well. I'm not good with saving money. I know by the time I got enuff money for an ostrich, I could forget all about the croc and will break down and buy an ostrich.

    I'm gonna need all the help I can get to be able to fully save for my dream croc. I know that sometime along the way, I'll come here running and *****ing about wanting an ostrich bag. So you guys have to remember to be strong and tell me NO okay!

    Dont ever let me buy an ostrich bag... I have to get a croc! LOL
  13. I wish Kou! But sadly, my work schedule has had been so insane lately, I have hardly had time to eat or sleep:crybaby: SO you ladies are just going to have to go nuts and tell me all about it! :flowers:
  14. Well I am worried, I used to buy a bag every month! Now that I love Hermes, I have the same desire without the funds!!!!:crybaby: I will see how this goes...once I haVE MY BASIC COLORS ( BLACK, gOLD), i WILL FEEL LESS ANXIOUS ABOUT THE WAIT. (my "caps lock" keeps turning on, sorry) I bought my first Birkin last month, but I don't feel like I have my first Birkin yet, because it is not a 35cm and is not an everyday kind of bag. I need a Birkin 30cm or 35cm NOW! My wardrobe is begging for one:wtf: !!! so I know the next call, (or gift from DH) will bring me one soon!!!!;)
  15. the longest drought was about 10 months. but a few small H pieces like bangles and shoes and made up for the H bag longing. i finally got my vert anis this past sept.!

    now, i don't know when i can get another one!