What is the longest you have waited to pick something up?

  1. :p I have something all paid for, for over a week now and can't get into to pick it up...ack! Driving me crazy! Summer :sweatdrop:, whew!

    How long have you waited to pick something up?
  2. HI Tink nice to see you again how you feeling now.

    To answer your question I think it was a little under 2 weeks I can't get to the store that often so it just had to sit there I was worried in case someone messed up and sold it but the funny thing I can't even remember exactly what item it was now LOL
  3. Lol, like a week. Don't feel bad. :p
  4. Thanks, I am doing well...just swamped. The kids have been with the in laws the last week so I took advantage of the time they were away and cleared out the toys and donated alot of their out grown stuff. One project down and only about a million to go...lol.
  5. I waited endlessly for the heart in vernis after the release date, but I didn't pay for it. The pre paying thing isen't all that comon here it seems..
  6. i try and get it ASAP. If I can't make it within 1-2 days, I ask them to ship which they will usually do for free.
  7. Over a week. Waited for a bag coming from Maui. They had to bring it in from the wearhouse then mail it out. Seemed like forever.

    Missed ya Mary! Hope all is well.
  8. I even cut my vacation short to pick up miroir lockit
    being patient is not my thang lol
  9. One day so far. :sweatdrop:
  10. I want to say like almost a MONTH!!! my MC keepall, I could't sleep lol
  11. Once the item is purchased and I knpw its mine I sometimes can be bad about going over to get it! I have left stuff for almost 2 weeks! I had the same thoughts Claire did, are they going to sell it by mistake, spill on it, etc. but they have always been fine. Don't worry about it and glad to see your back!
  12. So far about a week. Nearly killed me too! Something else I've been waiting for about 5 weeks to come in though, but it's not like I had prepaid for the item.
  13. Hi Mary!

    Happy summer! I have to wait to get my shipped bags from fed ex cause I can't get off work. Sometimes, I'll come in late just to run go pick them up, but then they have to sit in the hot car in a box all day, like my dentelle, that was horrible! Life gets in the way of bags, and work gets in the way of life, and kids take first priority for you, right? Good luck, hope you get there soon! :heart:
  14. I guess that I waited a little over 3 weeks for my Azur Speedy, but it felt a million years longer!
  15. I agree the waiting is the worst part but it'll like receiving X'mas present when I got it. My SA told me 2 weeks ago before the Miroir Lockit lauched and I felt time goes so slow because I've no idea if I could get it, lucky the wait is over and I'm so exciting when I received the lockit~~ :heart: