What is the longest you have gone?

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  1. Years.
    Longest you've gone without going out for a meal?
  2. 6 Days

    Same Q ^^
  3. Lately just three or four days.
    Longest you've gone without thanking someone?
  4. IRL? Maybe 2-3 days when I haven't seen anyone

    Same Q ^^
  5. A matter of days...
    Longest you've gone without having a good cry?
  6. Can be Months

    Same Q ^^
  7. Many, many months
    Longest you've gone without buying makeup?
  8. Years

    Without buying new furniture
  9. Years

    Same Q ^^
  10. Years
    Without having any dental work?
  11. Besides cleanings...many years

    Without going swimming
  12. Probably a year
    Without cleaning out your closets?
  13. Years, but did recently.
    Same question about cleaning out your closets.
  14. Years!

    Same Q ^^
  15. Already answered
    Longest without speaking to a sibling?