What is the longest you have gone?

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  1. A few days atm ost
    Longest you've gone without telling a fib?
  2. Probably a week or two
    Longest you've gone without weighing yourself?
  3. Years

    Same Q ^^
  4. Years, as well. But now I weigh myself daily to keep me from putting on the weight that I lost!
    Longest without going to the Post Office or UPS Store?
  5. About a month - I have a P O Box

    Same Q ^^
  6. A few weeks
    Without sending a text?
  7. ATM - Maybe 2 days - I loathe texting

    Same Q ^^
  8. About a day
    Longest you've gone without vomiting? :sick:
  9. Years
    Without a cold
  10. Months
    Without spending any money?
  11. 6 Days

    Same Q ^^
  12. Probably three days while sick at home.
    Longest you've gone without driving?
  13. 6 Days

    Same Q ^^
  14. About a week
    Same question
  15. About two weeks while in Europe.
    Longest you've gone without getting new clothing of any kind?