What is the longest you have gone?

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  1. Answered
    Longest you've gone without going through a drive thru?
  2. maybe 1 month

    without checking tPF
  3. ATM - Around 1 day

    Same Q ^^
  4. I do it daily unless I'm traveling.
    Longest you've gone without drinking milk?
  5. I have it in my coffee in the morning - So one day

    Same Q ^^
  6. Years
    Without wearing stockings
  7. Nylons? Years...
    Without wearing jeans of any kind?
  8. ATM - Maybe one month

    Same Q ^^
  9. Maybe a month. In the summer I sometimes wear denim shorts
    Without attending a formal event
  10. Years-just weddings intermittently.
    Without voting?
  11. 3 Years - It's compulsory in my Country as soon as you turn 18 - Don't Vote, you get a great big fine!

    Same Q ^^
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  12. couple of years
    without washing your car?
  13. Probably at least 5 months during the winter.
    Longest you've gone without emailing someone?
  14. Months - I hardly ever email or use my email

    Same Q ^^
  15. Couple of days
    Same question