What is the longest you have gone?

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  1. about a week while traveling

    without checking tPF
  2. One week
    Same question
  3. A year
    Same question
  4. Years until the past two...
    Longest you've gone without swearing?
  5. When I'm not driving! lol!

    Same Q ^^
  6. Days
    Without singing
  7. Days

    Same question
  8. Maybe a few days when I'm not driving my car.
    Without coughing?
  9. ATM - A few days

    Same Q ^^
  10. 24 hours
    Without looking at your investments?
  11. Months

    Same Q ^^
  12. I check mine once a week
    Without physically going to your bank?
  13. Months

    Same Q ^^
  14. Months-I;m and online girl.
    Longest you've gone being on a diet where you didn't cheat at all?
  15. Three months
    Same question