What is the longest you have gone?

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  1. Years
    Longest time you have stayed home without going anywhere (except the mailbox)
  2. ATM - 6 Days

    Same Q ^^
  3. 24 hours recently
    without eating three meals.
  4. Years!

    Same Q ^^
  5. years

    without petting a dog
  6. When I'm asleep or out

    Same Q ^^
  7. Months-we don't have one
    Longest you've gone without going out to the movies?
  8. 4 months
    Longest without leaving the house
  9. 1 day
    Longest without cleaning the dishes
  10. A few hours
    Longest without eating ice cream
  11. Months

    Longest without eating a salad?
  12. Months
    Longest without a really good laugh
  13. A few days
    Same question
  14. Maybe a few days - Depends

    Same Q ^^
  15. A couple of days

    Longest without checking email?