What is the longest you have ever waited for a bag?

  1. See, my middle name is "Instant Gratification" :p If I want something, I want it NOW. I'm not very good at waiting....but I have gotten better.

    Anyway, a wonderful pfer turned me on to this Hermes style bag: http://www.ignesbags.com/

    It's called the Ormala. I am getting the Whiskey color.

    Anyway, it's out of stock so the designer is going to make me a brand spanking new one. :tup: The thing is, it won't be ready until the end of August :tdown:

    So now I have to wait one whole month until I get my bag. What's the longest you ever had to wait for a bag??
  2. I often have to wait a while for the rare/discontinued bags I end up falling for to appear on eBay. The most I've waited was about a month though.

    Yours is a special order though so technically, you already 'have' it. ;) Now you just need to wait for it to arrive.
  3. Patience has never been one of my virtues, but...

    One of the items I ordered from the recent Hayden-Harnett Big Bang Sale (on July 1) hasn't shown up yet. Every day the tracking page says my order is expected to ship on the next day...and the date changes every day. Tomorrow will be 31 days. I'm wondering how long is too long to wait.
  4. ^^^ Wow, that is crazy!! Have you spoken with Salina? My bags usually ship the next day or two. Good luck!
  5. i'm still waiting for a balenciaga flat brass 01 to come along.
    but for readily available bags, the most i wait to buy them is a week after i've decided i want them-don't have much patience
  6. I'm waiting on two bags right now but only because they're supposed to be birthday and anniversary gifts so my DH won't give them to me. I'll be waiting on those for about 1.5 months :sad:

    I love the bag you ordered, so they'll ship to the US? What will the final price be if you don't mind me asking?
  7. About four months... that is how long it took me to track down a Chloe Edith in Whiskey back when they were scarce. Now to see them on clearance drives me nuts...
  8. 2 months is the longest I have ever waited.
  9. The longest I waited was around two months for my LV Azur Noe. They were scarce for a while, but my SA found one for me after Christmas. It was worth the wait, it is a nice bag, not my favorite, but definitely a keeper.:smile:
  10. Well, I've been waiting to be able to buy a specific Birkin since about 1988 Do I win? :p
  11. Yes, I would say you win by a landslide! lol

    Btw, JudieH, your bag is beautiful.