What is the "lifespan" of high quality clothing?


Sep 17, 2006
I think the most I've ever spent on a pair of jeans is $50, and for shirts, no more than $30. These clothes do not last long-- the shirts, particularly long sleeved, the elbows get stretched out (can't stand that) and the material shows wear almost immediately. As for jeans, well the jeans aren't so bad-- I can wear those for a year maybe once a week or less before it's time to get rid of them.

But what about higher quality clothing? Let's say shirts that are $80+, which I know is starting low because I've seen the numbers for some really high end stuff. And jeans starting at $100+?

What is the "lifespan"? Is it much different? What is it about them?

I don't even know brands to start looking into. ??



Dec 11, 2006
In my opinion it is definitely worth buying more high end stuff - but not necessarily everything if it is a money question as well.
With jeans I think there is a huge difference - I would buy an expensive pair of jeans any day because they last longer and look 100000000 times better.
Go to a shop and try them, you will see the difference in the fit - and also you will know which brand fits you best. I have bought designer jeans through ebay but the tricky bit is to figure out which is fake and which is authentic. I tend not to go for the really popular brands like Seven for All Mankind - I like Notify, which is not that much copied.

generally if you can't afford to buy clothes that cost thousands just go for the basics, like a great coat, cashmere knits etc - and look for those in the sales. I guess these are the usual suggestions but for me they worked. I still shop at h&m and other shops like that but only for super fashionable stuff which I know will not last. No point to spend money I don't have....

Hope this helps


Aug 27, 2006
the lifespan of high quality clothing can last YEARS if you take care of it properly!!!! Like i'm talking over 5 years.

I agree its how you take care of it, how often you wear it, etc. . . I take my more high quality/gentle fabrics to the cleaners which helps with lifespan too. Lord, knows I've made mistakes in the past with what I've put in my washer/dryer! :P


Sep 17, 2006
Thanks so much, this has been very helpful!

But where do I get these clothes in person so I can try on?

There's a high-end mall in the city that has these stores listed under women's fashion:

Anne Klein New York
Armani A|X Exchange
Banana Republic Women & Home
Barneys New York
Christian Dior
Eileen Fisher
Elle Style
French Connection
J. Crew
Karen Millen-ENGLAND
Kenneth Cole
Louis Vuitton
Lucky Brand Jeans
Max Studio
Neiman Marcus
Nine West
Nouveau Fashion Gallery
Ralph Lauren
Victoria's Secret

I haven't been there yet, but I would go into them and find my way I'm sure, but how about which one specifically that I can be sure to find the high quality clothing in the 100-200 dollar range per item? (pants, shirts, maybe shoes) at least for right now for me.

I know some of those are obvious but those are what's there, haha.


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Feb 14, 2006
You should always try to buy natural fibers if at all possible, but there can be a wide variance in fabrics. Becoming familiar with the qualities of good cottons, silks, cashmere, etc., will help you with the secondary decision of feel--fit being the most important quality of any piece you buy, of course!


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Nov 8, 2006
hmm for 100-200 you can actually get some pretty high quality stuff, particularly like premium denim, but your best shot is probably to try department stores (barneys, neiman marcus). they have great selections of a diverse array of high quality, higher end designers that are still near your price range. for example, most SFAM and premium denim are generally within the 100-200 range...but in the non-dept-store stores you listed, for example, jcrew and BR are often 100-200 per item (though their jeans are lower than 100 i believe), but the quality of say, their cashmere, their jeans, may not compare to higher end brands you may find at these department stores.
Dec 29, 2006
I know Jnco isn't exactly coture, but it is a bit pricey and it's fairly good-quality clothing. I got a pair of jeans by them [girl cut; still wide-legged, but fitted around the hips] and they've lasted for 5 years. During their last year of life, they got ripped up the side and there's some wear around the embroidered logo, and they're wearable but don't fit anymore.

I compare these with a pair of jeans I got last spring that have already faded, and the fabric's starting to get thin.