What is the life of Coach Collections???


Coach Lover
Nov 27, 2012
Washington State
I have been a devoted Coachie since 2006, however, I do not own a lot of the bags. I received a large Zoe as my first bag and I used it for a couple years (yes, years) until I found the Coach outlet (4 hours away) and I have bought a couple bags in the last 3 years. So what I'm saying is, I'm a Coach loyalist, but pretty much a novice when it comes to knowing how they introduce new collections and in what schedules?

I love the Legacy line and I'm starting to eye a couple Madison bags also. And I'm feeling like "OMG, I must get all these they bags before I miss them!" But how does it really work? Do new lines come out all the time? I know the Legacy collection is new, but is the Madison collection new? How long has the Sophia been available?


May 10, 2010
It seems like Coach comes out with new bags more often than any other designer. It isn't that often that they come out with new lines but the lines change so much that you might not recognize them. There has been a Madison collection for a very long time, but the Madisons that were made in the 90's are really different than the Madisons now. I think the Sophia has been available for a few years. I got my first one in early 2011 but it was made in May 2010. A particular style will usually stay around at least a few years but it will be introduced in different colors, materials, and textures, and they will change some features over time, like the way they changed the direction of the buckles on the Sophia.

The Hamptons collection has been around a long time too. It isn't that often that they retire a collection, like they did with Kristin last year.

Coach has a tendency to reuse names too. There was a Legacy collection in 2006 but it wasn't anything like the current Legacy collection.