What is the last LV you saw?

  1. I’m not sure if this thread already exists, please correct me if it is.. :biggrin:

    What is the last LV you ever saw???

    AFTERNOON: Monogram Speedy 30, Marelle Sac-A-Dos and a Perfo Speedy 30 in Fuschia
  3. Other than mine: The last LV's I've seen today: Girl carrying a Damier Speedy 30 at the food court, a customer came in today with a black Epi bag [ think it was the Buci if I'm not mistaken] and a Mono Mini Pochette. :love:
  4. didn't go out today but saw LVs yesterday: a neverfull pm at forever 21 and a BH at costco.
  5. a beaten noe and a fake black MC dalmatian bag:yucky:
  6. Saw a mono Speedy 30 (that wasn't my own) on the counter at the bank, when I was going through the drive through.
  7. I forgot to mention that I saw a Marelle-Sac-A-Dos GM (The bigger one. correct me if it's not GM LOL!) this afternoon (lunchtime)! And it's beautiful! Can't wait to have the small marelle! :biggrin:
  8. I saw a patinaed speedy 30 this morning at the train station and it reminded me of what a classic the bag is. :girlsigh:
  9. I think I saw blue baggy pm and mono speedy 30 this afternoon :smile:
  10. This week I saw a Petit Bucket in Mono...one of my fellow teacher at CCD carries it all the time!
  11. I did'nt go anywhere today, but yesterday i saw a blue Baggy GM and a Mono speedy 25 at Marshalls. And then I saw a Popincourt Haut at Target.
  12. I saw my pretty Neverfull PM! She is sitting beside me now!!
  13. Speedy mono 25 I believe.. this girl in one of my classes at uni. I haven't seen it upclose to know if its real or not.. but I'll just assume it's real. ^^
  14. damier speedy 25 on the subway...it kissed (bumped into) my damier trevi, but I was too tired to say anything to the owner. I tried to smile, but she was kinda playing it cool :shrugs:
  15. Last night my Dune Mini Lin Speedy. Then yesterday afternoon I went to LV so I saw LOTS of LV's