What is the last handbag you bought? Share a photo with us!

I'm glad you got the black Kooba Sloan, do you think that it will go well with your boots?
Yes, I do. I will send a pic of them together though no idea when I will get to use (80 degree here every day). The bag is heavy and not thrilled with the condition of the interior but it was inexpensive so i can't really complain. Thanks again for thinking of me!
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I was so excited to get home to see these bags in person. Seems you and I are nearly in synch with falling off the wagon. Seems I forgot I was supposed to be on ban island this year, as its only March and I'm now 3 bags in planning a 4th :sad:
Hahaha! Yep! I won't even mention how many.bags deep I'm in since Jan! Hahaha. However I do feel better about Bag Ban Island! I'm learning to switch up my current accessories for my bags and just buy accessories for a different look. It seems to be working :smile:
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