What is the last day to leave feedback?

  1. What is the very last day you can leave a negative for someone in hopes that they don't retaliate against you?

    I NEVER leave neg feedback because I believe it can be handled otherwise. However, I feel that this one seller just took my money and ran. She won't respond to mail and is ignoring me. EXCEPT she did send me a notice stating that my item has just been shipped today. The downfall is I paid for it two weeks ago. :wtf: Had she emailed to tell me that she would be shipping two weeks later, I would have asked for a refund. I hate the fact that some sellers really use feedback as a hostage program. :cursing:
  2. You have 60 days to leave feedback. And remember, you can always reply to feedback left for you . Also remember that the Seller is more worried about neg. feedback than you are. . . . =)
  3. I had to leave a negative about 6 weeks after I placed a winning bid, so I'm guessing at least 30 days. It used to be 60, but I'd check with eBay on that.
  4. too slow :p
  5. I think it's 90 days. I haven't left feedback for a transaction that ended on 10/31 and I am still able to do so.

    If the item arrives in perfect condition, you should state so -- but say something like "Item arrived in perfect condition, took three weeks to arrive." That way other potential buyers will know about her slow shipping. I have done this in a few cases. It gets the point across without being confrontational. In my opinion (and I know others will disagree), if the item gets to you safely and without damage, it doesn't warrant a negative. A neutral, maybe. But I believe that negatives should be used for transactions that aren't completed or where items are misrepresented in auctions.
  6. Its 90 days from the date the auction ended, however sometimes the auctions disappear a day or two before or after the 90th day.
  7. also~ you have 45 days to file a claim via paypal...just an FYI;)
  8. I think its 90 days. My friend who works at eBay told me they generally they tell people its 90 days but its actually whenever the server achieves the files. Its not a fix day so some times you'll find that the listing will disappear before the 90 days are up and some times the listing will be there after 90 days. Generally its around 90 days. I hope that makes sense...
  9. I agree, more than likely I won't leave a neg. I think that should be used as a last resort. I think people abuse the negs.
  10. Yeah it's around 90days give or take, but it's never for sure so if you do leave a neg then chances are if the seller sells a lot on eBay she'll catch it and neg you back. If I'm unhappy with the transaction but not the item I just don't give them any feedback at all. Maybe your seller had extenuating circumstances that prevented her from mailing it sooner. I once received a package a month later from the day I made payment. I found out that the seller had broken her foot and had to have surgery for it.
  11. Yes I am pretty sure it is 90 days