What is the largest messenger bag, new or vintage?

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  1. I've been doing some research on the district and Christopher bags and it's really hard to tell the size from the pics. So I went to my LV store this morning and was a little disappointed with how small the are. My iPad would take up a lot of the room in the main compartment which begs the question, what is the largest messenger style bag LV makes, new or vintage?

    I was on evilbay and saw the vintage Saumur series, and the 43 seems appealing to me. As far as what I carry is very inconsistent. At a bare minimum I always have my iPad, hand gun, extra mag, flashlight, and sunglasses (with case) with me. Other days I can have anything from a gaming controller, notebooks, a few books, etc. I can't see the district GM carrying all of that.

    Thanks for the input!
  2. The Saumur 43 is probably the largest. It's HUGE, like a piece of luggage.
  3. The Abbesses, Daniel GM, Mick GM, Congo GM, and Saumur 43 are all over-sized messenger bags that should be able to carry what you need and then some depending on how you pack.
  4. Thanks for the reply you too! The Daniel GM is eye appealing!! So many choices haha.