What is the largest bag that you own?

  1. That you actually use as an "every day" bag?
  2. A huuuuge Chinese Laundry pleather bag lol. My friends tell me I can hide bodies in there. It really is gigantic.
  3. Probably my LV, black neo cabby gm or my LV Neverfull MM. They're different shapes so it's hard to tell which is bigger. Most likely the Neverfull....
  4. A black Isabella Fiore "chain reaction" tote. It was one of Megs' blog posts a little over a year ago or so...measures about 17" x 15"!

    It's a great tote and even though it's large it smooshes up very nice under my arm so it doesn't feel too overwhelming.
  5. Probably my large coach signature stripe bag I use for school books.
  6. My Louis Vuitton Palermo GM.
  7. I think my YSL downtown (medium) is my biggest. The top opens up wide enough to fit a bowling ball and shoes and then some.
  8. My Coach large carly, but the slouch makes it not so big.
  9. LV's Damier Azur Saleya GM, I'm 5'2 and it looks ginormous on me lol
  10. AC Jet Setter Jr
  11. i use HUGE bags for everyday bags such as balenciaga weekender, chanel original coco cabas, lv neverfull GM
  12. My YSL Downtown as well. I'm quite short (5ft 4in), so it kinda jumps to you.
  13. It's a tie between my Gustto Setela (large in Caramel) and Elysian Park Matt Tote (pics attached). Love them both because they mold to body and aren't overwhelming at all...I love big bags!
    Matt tote.jpg matt tote 1.jpg
  14. i m v pettie, so lv mono speedy 25 is as big as i get or coach medium carly. anything else is a carry-on tote for me.
  15. i used to carry this:
    it measures 12.5x10.5 but it broke :sad: