What is the item # for the Mini Flap, and what colors are around?

  1. Can someone please give me the item # for the Mini Flap? Also, what colors have you seen around lately?
  2. I've only seen the black lately, in caviar and lamb. The style # from my caviar is A01115 Y01588.
  3. is the mini flap like a small flap or a like an east west ?
  4. Here's a pic of mine:
  5. oh i see thank you april valentine !
  6. I usually see the beige and black. Caviar and lambskin are available.
  7. Here are my two...Orange patent and black lambskin.

  8. ^^^ the orange one is so CUTE!!!!!! and so is your little boy!!!! how cute!:tender::heart::heart::heart:
  9. I love that orange one, Luccibag!
  10. Thanks!:heart:
  11. I like the mini-flap, it's so cute! Lucci, do you mostly use yours for evening purposes?