What is the "IT" bag at the LV boutique now?

  1. I am out of the loop with LV and I was wondering...what is the hottest bag everyone wants now?
  2. Damier Speedy :biggrin:
  3. Who knows anymore, he has released so many new styles and they all appeal to different gals. I got my fringe speedy and love it and am already putting my pennies together for the winter bags!
  4. LVaddict...I love reading your posts...you have a great deal of flair! You are so right about all the new styles...that is why I asked my question.

    Thank you pursegalsf! (your avatar is gorgeous!!!)
  5. I will keep watching here to see what the opinions are! Check out vuitton.com but go to the French or UK page, all the new stuff will be up, it'll make your head spin! I used to be able to keep up with all the new releases, not anymore!!:shocked:
  6. thanks for the tip lv addict!
  7. Thanks :shame:
  8. I'd say the Perfo is still popular, Velvet Chains (I saw one yesterday and am REALLY tempted), and the Charms.
    But I think they're gearing up for the Damier Speedy launch next month.
  9. The fringe speedy murakami multicolore is the IT they don't even show it in the window.
  10. At the moment, the window display is all about the, Perfo...
  11. Nothing makes my heart skip a beat at the moment. I do like the new Epi Passy PM though...
  12. Wasn't somebody just in France and all the window displays were dif. color denim?
  13. I would love to see that:heart:i love the denim
  14. IMO, Damier Speedy -- 'just got mine last Friday and it's gorgeous IRL! I got the 30! :smile: