What is the interior on the miroir like?

  1. I just realized nobody has said what the inside is like.

  2. I think someone said the interior is fabric?
  3. Another PFer said it was plain... I'm going wait and see for myself...
  4. yes its a plain interior. Gray on Silver -- Beige on Gold.
  5. thats a really good question...
  6. the interior is like the interior of the mini lin imo...I just went to see them and they are great! I can't wait until I get mine!
  7. Will the interior resemble the vernis?
  8. Plain? canvas, micro suede, alcantra?

    Matt, Michelle, where are you?
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Its very plain lol... but i still recommend the bags!
  11. I personally dont care what the interior of the bag looks like, as long as it has a pocket perhaps im set
  12. What material is it?
  13. Well twinkle you know that it's plain. :P
  14. I think it's either canvas or suede. I can't remember for sure, when I think about it all I can see is the stuffing inside. LOL. I opened the silver one and it was a blue grey purple color. Hahaha. Bad memory.

    I may not even get one for myself anymore. My DH said it's this or the Birkin.:crybaby:
  15. Oh, that's no fair! What kind of birkin are you thinking about?