what is the idea behind the groom??

  1. hi hi!!! so i was just wondering (sorry if this is a stupid question!)..what is the idea behind the mono groom??!!!
  2. I dunno. It's just a cute little bellhop guy :smile: It's on louis vuitton.com and has a little hotel animation thingy. Go check it out
  3. i saw the animation a couple time!! i was just wondering where they got the idea from to use the groom or if there was some meaning behind it!!
  4. I think I read somewhere that this groom/bellboy was a character they used in advertising a long time ago...perhaps around the 1930's or so. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
  5. If I am not mistaken, this collection was inspired by an ad campain LV did in 1921 (or something like that).
  6. :yes::yes::yes::yes::flowers:
  7. No... you're absolutely right. The story behind Mono Groom is about evocation scene of very classic ad.

    Btw, the bellboy (and its typical picturesque) remains me of Tintin :P
  8. In any case its way cute
  9. There was a tiny little blurb and photo in the last issue of Vanity Fair about the groom. I don't have it any more or I'd look up the page number.
    It was the one with George Clooney on the front and it was near the front somewhere on a left-hand page in the bottom left corner (I think).
  10. In booklet which comes with every groom piece You can read about history of grooms. And Yes it is inspired from 1921 LV ad.
  11. Hhmm, interesting. It's a cute idea.
  12. Personally, I think LV was reaching with the Groom line. Maybe the designers were bored and needed a quick concept to keep their jobs. However, it's a good way for a heterosexual man to carry a Monogram LV piece and not look...well...fruity. Not that there's anything wrong with being fruity...I'm no homophobe.

  13. MONOGRAM CANVAS IS UNISEX SINCE 1896!!!!!:cursing:
  14. Reminds me of Curious George...
  15. Who's tintin... ???:P