what is the hottest reissue 2.55 color for S/S 2008?

  1. :yahoo:What color do you guys prefer the most? Or mostly to be sold out?
    Dark Red
  2. Purple
  3. dark red
  4. I have no clue, I don't see any people posting threads about the S/S 2008 reissues :shrugs:

  5. ^ no kidding, Nat! i thought the chanel subforum is flooded with S/S reissue threads! LOL
  6. Smart a$$:p:lol::roflmfao:
  7. LOL, as Nat said, I can't recall -but if I think really hard it's probably got to either the Metallic Dark Red, Purple and Navy
  8. my fav: navy (as I'm a blue addict), but in general dark red and purple are most coveted I guess
  9. purple, red and dark brown
  10. For ME personally, I'd choose the metallic navy.

    It's hard for me to say, as I'm not even sure what was ordered here locally since I don't even want to ask my SA. Lack the funds $$$ lol. Don't want to tempt myself.
  11. I love my metallic navy though I also love the dark red and the dark silver reissues this season.
  12. Would it be purple? Cos how often does one see a purple Chanel, right? Haha...that said, mine's the dark silver.

    Oh, yup, there are the normal silver and gold in the S/S08 reissues too.
  13. purple and dark red :tup:
  14. wow, no one said green, I think that color is soooooooo gorgeous, navy is also hot and red, come on now!
  15. in this forum, i think purple is the most popular. however i personally will go with navy.