What is the hottest bag for fall 2006?

  1. Tell me what you think is the hotest fall 2006 bag and why?
  2. My personal favorite is the patent leather Jimmy Choo Riki (splg?) bag in red. I usually don't go for patent leather bags but this one is a winner!
  3. ^^I second the nomination--but that's because I have one and I think it's an absolute beauty! :P
  4. my personal fave is this chanel jumbo patent bag

    the reason :
    1. IT'S HUGE
    3. IT'S CHANEL :P

  5. remember I want something that stands out makes me look hot...which designer is the hottest that chanel patent is wowwy
  6. My new CHOO- because it's SEXY!! :P
  7. OMG, it's to die for!!!!!! Wish it were mine!!!
  8. I saw a Dior ad in Sept. InStyle. The model was holding a gorgeous big black quilted bag. I'm also loving the new anniversary edition Guccis.:heart:
  9. even though that Chanel bag isn't for me, I have to agree. At the trunk show there were already 15+ people on the list before I left at noon!
  10. I vote for Jimmy Choo too! :heart: :heart: :heart: I bought the Ramona in bordeaux patent a couple of weeks ago (total impulse; I didn't even *like* patent before). It's gorgeous. Patent is hot for fall, and the Ramona (and smaller Riki) are just hitting the peak of their popularity, I think.
  11. Redd...that blue Jimmy Choo bag is FANTASTIC.

    Is the hardware on it silver or is it slightly gold-toned?
  12. Thanks, Buffalogal :P The hardware is gold-toned. The blue isn't as bright in person, more of deeper, richer blue. :heart:
  13. Chanel patent bag!
  14. I think they're actually calling it "light gold" hardware. Several bag designers are doing this now to please those on both sides of the silver/gold fence!
  15. The Jimmy Choo's are beautiful. It will be hard to choose any of them.