What is the hardware made out of?

  1. Is the gold hardware actually gold plated?:flowers:
  2. its brass
  3. oh. thanks!
  4. Does it/can it chip??
  5. It does...the gold can chip...and sometimes it looks really bad.
    I think that's one of the few things that would prevent me from buying a bag off eBay is chipped hardware.
    Let-trade had the papillon 30 (the older version without the vachetta) and I wanted to buy it but the zipper pull was in pretty rough shape.
    Bagteria had a black epi pochette for a very good price but the zipper pull was also in a very rough shape.
  6. Ohhh they should do the hardware in solid gold.....*sigh* how hot would that be....
  7. hardware chipping??? then how can it last for generations
  8. the older bags seem to have hardware that didn't chip. besides the bags DO last for ages as long as you don't mind crappy looking hardware ...
  9. ^but considering the $$ you are paying for one shouldnt you get a decent hardware?? cause really the canvas doesnt worth alot and for a bag that is 85% canvas the least they can do is to use hardwares that will never chip.
  10. Wait...so the hardware is not solid brass?
  11. The bag will last and serve it's purpose even when the hardware chips. I agree though, paying that much.....it shouldn't chip until 10 years or so. Heck, I have no-name bags with hardware that doesn't chip!
  12. I think it's brass but plated with something? With gold? I'm not sure.
  13. couldn't you have the zippers replaced????
  14. LV will replace zippers for about 60-70US (not bad fee).

    The vintage LVs used solid brass - the modern LVs use brass-plated metal. That's why the zipper pulls have plating loss with use.
  15. They replaced my daughter's papillon zipper pull at the Charlotte store free of charge in less than five minutes - so that's easy to take care of