What is the GROSSEST concoction you have ever seen made?

  1. What is the nastiest addition to a meal you've seen being made?
    I saw a person throw an entire bottle of ketchup on Mac & Cheese:wtf:

    Is that normal?:confused1:
  2. My Dad was on a big omelette craze when my brothers and I were growing up...always trying different fillings.

    Well one year when we were at the coast he made us....OYSTER omelettes. Now I love oysters but in the omelette it was just absolutely nasty!!!
  3. I know a lot of ppl put ketchup in weird stuff. I don't get it.

    My grandparents eat pancakes and waffles w/ chicken or beef gravy.:throwup:
  4. :lol: I thought you were going to say your grandparents threw ketchup on their pancakes:sweatdrop:
  5. You know the whole chicken and waffles is a Southern thing. I don't understand it either. My cousins love mac and cheese and ketchup, and one time my ex thought he would be clever and take over dinner since I didn't have ONE ingredient that I needed, and instead of running to the store, he concocted this...."casserole" it had egg noodles, cut up pieces of chicken, and carrots in it, with a little cayenne pepper, and salt and pepper. IT WAS sickening. Really. He served that to GUESTS too!!! God. I went into the kitchen and stuck a pizza in the oven. :roflmfao:
  6. my SO likes his eggs with Ketchup (for me thats like throwing barbeque sauce on grits)

    and a friend of mine, eats potato chips with mustard.
  7. ^ I'm guilty of this too :shame:
    I like ketchup and tabasco on anything with eggs...
  8. My SO likes his eggs with Ketchup also! And I LOVE potato chips with mustard! Or saltines with mustard! YUM
  9. I love eggs and ketchup TOGETHER!

    That Chicken and Waffles I used to not understand. Here in LA, we have that Southern place which serves Chicken and Waffles. OMG! It was so good!

    Back in November, DH and I went to a restaurant with my DH's dad and he recommended the fries. Instead of salt on them, they sprinkled it with sugar. It was weird at the beginning, but it was actually good after I got used to the idea.

    The mac and cheese wth ketchup is just.......YUCK!
  10. i love eating french fries with ice crea,.. weird i know buts its soo yummmn
  11. i'll sometimes look for recipes that are highly rated on allrecipes.com or recipezaar.com and one day i found one called "dorito casserole" which had either 4 or 5 stars.. i read the reviews and they all said they loved it... the thing consisted of ground beef... doritos, cheese, cream of mushroom soup and rotel tomatos... sounds great to me!

    yea.. not sure what i did.. but this was the grossest thing EVER... I tried to add sour cream and then i tried to add french dressing (because i use french dressing when i have taco salads) and even the smell of this thing wanted to make me vomit... i could only take 2 bites... i had a 9x9 dish of this thing... all down the drain! or actually i think it went in the garbage because my sink was full of dishes and i couldn't get to the garbage disposal.