What is the GROSSEST concoction you have ever seen made?

  1. What is the nastiest thing you have ever seen made? I witness a person that had just completed a pretty simple dish of Mac and Cheese. They added (kid you not) an entire bottle of ketchup to it. :push:

    I'm pretty sure there are a lot more unfortunate stories out there:shrugs:
  2. Mine was an accident and happened when I was like 13 :lol: I made chocolate chip cookies and instead of putting one cup of sugar, I put 1 cup of salt and a tsp of sugar. yeah, needless to say, they were trashed after the first bite :/
  3. I made a Chinese dish that called for five-spice powder. That sh*t tastes terrible! Also one time when I was new to cooking I made a Mexican dish with chicken, jalapenos and tomatillos and since I like spicy food I went crazy with the jalapenos. Needless to say it was inedible.
  4. I like tuna fish with thousand island dressing on top. People this it's gross, I think it's fine.:shrugs:.
  5. I once saw a friend eat french fries with ranch dressing and ketchup mixed together. I thought it was gross until I tried it myself. Now I eat them like that all the time :p
  6. omg! I cannot even imagine. Too funny!
  7. ^ LOL. One of my sisters puts ketchup on mac and cheese. I think it's so gross! She puts it on potato chips too :shocked:

    The grossest thing I ever ate was at a dinner party. The hostess served penne pasta with: WAY overcooked ragged chunks of chicken, feta cheese, tomatoes, scallions, giant sprigs of dill and loads of other stuff that just didn't make sense. It looked and tasted just like vomit. I have never seen people eat so much bread and salad. I would have felt bad for her, except she thought it was amazing.

    The grossest thing I ever made was when I mistook a shaker of flour for powdered sugar and sprinkled it all over french toast. It was so pasty, bland and disgusting! :yucky:
  8. One of my college roommates was a notoriously bad cook, even for the simple college stuff (e.g. she forgot she had water boiling for pasta and it boiled dry - eeks!) The other roommates and I (all really good friends) made fun of her (in a good way) to no end.:lol:

    She decided she would show us up by baking banana bread...we were all like yeah, right :rolleyes: but she was determined. After it was done she made a big deal presenting it to us...but it was so gross...undercooked and drippy inside. We're like, what did you do??? She said it said to bake for 1 hour, but in the middle of the baking, she decided to go play golf. She turned the oven off, and after her 2-3 hour golf game, she returned and turned the oven again and baked it for the remaining time. :wtf::upsidedown::lol:

    15 years later and she still hasn't lived that one down!!:roflmfao:
  9. I love my french fries with ranch and ketchup!
  10. Anything on Fear Factor.
  11. Poutine (fries, gavy, cheese)....with ketchup mixed in.
    ^^Yeah, Fear Factor is really gross. Ick.
  12. Fear Factor always makes me want to puke :yucky:
    My sister had made something really weird the other day though. She made a grilled sandwich with mozzarella cheese and chocolate! Yuck!
    My dad always puts red (jalapeño?) peppers in his homemade chocolate ice, which is weird, but delicious!
  13. I've put BBQ sauce in mac&cheese and on bean burritos. It's yummy. I could put BBQ sauce on anything and eat it.
  14. ^ I'm that way with yellow mustard. Most people think that's completely foul, but I love it :shame:
  15. My lasagne....it always looks like someone has eaten it then regurgitated it but it still tastes OK.