What is the grey ostrich miu miu bag i keep seeing photographed in magazines?

  1. Anyone know the dirt? price? name? pics?

  2. Is it this one?


    It is listed as being $3360 in Elle Accessories :biggrin: though the size shown there looks a little bit larger. I can scan the picture for you if you'd like. Its a gorgeous bag! So luxurious!
  3. YES! that's it! do you know the name?
  4. I think that name of the bag is Vitello large convertible..I saw leather one at Saks.com,that's how I learned the name of the bag.
  5. i saw it in person in shop, but in a smaller size, cause there're 2 sizes for the leather version of vitello. the ostrich comes in fuschia and grey
  6. I'm actually very drawn to this bag, after seeing it in real life. But not in the ostrich. I really like the camel colour.
  7. Question, girls!: How useful do you think this bag would be? Have you seen it in real life? Would you buy it? (the plain version, is what I'm thinking of --not the ostrich!).
  8. OK! Have now purchased this bag and am finding it ultra practical. This is the one that has the 'made in Italy' tag, incidentally. So these particular bags are not part of the lot that are being farmed out to factories in Turkey.