What is the greatest compliment you have got on your Dior items

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  1. Borrowing the idea from LV/Hermes threads. But wanted to know what your best compliment was when carrying your Dior?

    I was complimented on my lady Dior when out to dinner by another patron of the restaurant.
  2. Got compliments both on my silver & gold microcanage Dioramas. Some people even think they're actually metal lol
  3. My old Dior Christal watch got a lot of compliments, probably because it was so "blingy" that it caught people's attention. The best was when a guy who I didn't know came to ask what brand it was, and was so impressed by how it looked.
  4. My open bar bag. Beige is such a beautiful colour. I get a lot of compliments on the scarf decoration as well.
  5. Wearing my persan blue Miss Dior sliding chain, someone told me that the color was stunning and wanted to take a picture of the bag. ☺️
  6. My work mates always make a point of commenting on my Blue Open Bar bag... And I can a random SA at Holts comment on the pink lining for my Diorissimo as I was walking by... That's what I can remember anyways! I'm sure I've had more Dior makes such stellar pieces