what is the gold colored hardware on our bags made of??

  1. i was wondering what it was made of ??:confused1:
  2. 24 Karat gold...didn't you know that???
    Just kidding...brass I believe:roflmfao:
  3. i believe it's plated brass...
  4. Stanless plated brass I guess
  5. ^^yep, gold plated brass.
  6. plated brass
  7. oic thanks!! i thought so
  8. i know brass is prone to tarnish. but how about chip? will the gold plating chip off?
  9. plated brass

    LOL - just wanted to repeat it AGAIN

    Off topic - is that you in yuor avatar? I wasn't sure with your old avatar but this looks like the same person - so either you are stealing some hot chick's pictures or that is you =)
  10. lol, yeah that's me! I changed my avatar last night
  11. ^ very pretty :smile:
  12. It didn't ''chip'' on mine but it faded now it looks silver.
  13. WOW - I thought maybe you were just using a model's pics like some people use celeb's pics LOL (I know that your name is Latinamodel but I didn't think you were THAT fab ;) )
  14. lol thanks hun!! I like that pic and that's one of my husbands favorites :biggrin:
  15. Yes, I've seen old bags with major chippage on the zipper pulls.