What is the going price for a new 35 togo birkin from reseller?

  1. Question - what is the actual going price for a new 35 cm togo birkin in a much wanted color from a reseller? I am not thinking about doing this yet, but for future reference I would like to know. I mean, what are they actually getting (as opposed to ask price). Also, would you personally be willing to pay the "now" premium, if you had to wait a year or more for something specific that was hard to find that you wanted, or would you wait and take your chances on future price increases or changes in availability.
  2. No, I wouldn't pay that. I'd wait for my boutique. I think they will have tons in this year and there will be plenty of opportunity to buy from the boutique. 14k for a togo birkin is too much to pay! I'd network and take my chances at the boutique. Best of luck!

  3. Good point. I needed a reality check. Especially with the price increase and increased production, birkins are bound to be a bit more available ths year. I hear that some stores are trying to go back to the one a year rule but I bet that wont last through June. They may find they have fewer takers at $9K.
  4. Jedi, I sporadically check the "completed auctions" for Birkins on eBay for this very information...
  5. I have researched this lately. The "going" price on eBay is around $10,000. Too much IMO. That is a rather large mark-up. I kept my eye out for anything in the $8K range. If you are lucky, from a reputable re-seller, you can get one close to retail. Hardly do I ever see them sell for less. The same with Excellent used Kelly's (no rubbing, scratches etc..) in their price range respectively close to or a little under retail.

    It seems the Birkin remains priced above retail. Due to supply and demand.
  6. *sigh*

    10k is what we pay in Canada, including tax, from the boutique!!
  7. Jedi, don't pay a big premium. Let us know what you're looking for and we can all keep our eyes peeled! I don't know what it is (maybe I'm cheap) but I just can't see paying even more than we have to right from the store. ...well maybe a four or five hundred more than retail if it is just the perfect bag.
  8. jedimaster, I agree wholeheartedly with HC and RC. I cringe when I see the resellers' prices in comparison to the boutique. You will get your dream bag, but IMO, not worth it at almost twice the going price. (I haven't noticed the resellers' prices since the price increase.)
  9. Thanks for talking me off the ledge....All this is good advice. I will resolve to have patience and go back to my old affirmation: "when I am patient, I always succeed; when I am not patient, I always fail."
  10. i think up to $1500 over retail for a bag you really want is actually not bad for a variety of reasons--i.e.:
    1-many of us buy alot of small items to develop our store relationships. i personally would buy much less of that if I could
    2-when you sell on ebay or off the seller, at minimum, pays hefty fees for the being able to offer the security of ebay or paypal. what i DO NOT understand is a seller who has a price of say 12,000 and says wire transfer only..........
    3-say something you really want is available and you arent sure how long it will be to get it from the store--$1500 is roughly two years of price increases
  11. I've been thinking the exact same thing! The ebay sellers are charging crazy prices ($15,000 for a 35cm black togo) and requiring wire transfer and no returns/refunds. I know they're trying to protect themselves but where is the protection for the buyer?
  12. I can understand if a seller does the wire transfer only thing. Apparently a buyer can through some trick do a recharge via PayPal even after some time and there's nothing the seller can do about it. So the seller has lost the bag AND the money. If I were a seller of Birkins I would only allow PayPal to buyers I trust.
  13. Ain't that the truth. Good things come to those who wait.
  14. There are some resellers whose markups are not too bad. If you are in a market where the Birkin waiting list is closed or where you have to wait a few years, or if you wanted exotics, paying a premium may be the only option, but I don't think it should be to the extent of an additional 50–100%, which some resellers are charging. I think their prices are not realistic. Having said that, though... I paid a really hefty premium for my first Birkin, because I was feeling desperate! :hysteric:
  15. I wouldn't buy or sell through a reseller.
    Their mark-ups are insane.
    I investigated selling through a couple of them,
    but at mark-up rates of up to 38% I think rather not.
    I heard they give you 300 Euros over retail price,
    when taking on a brand new Birkin.