What is the funniest or most 'human-like' thing your pet has done?

  1. My kitten, nearly 2 now, talks. He says, "out." I now know he's not unique, but my older cat has such cat-titude, she'd never let on she was capable and gives the kitten dirty looks when he performs.
  2. ^^ so cute
    my 17 year old brown tabby cat says "mamma" and "hello!"
  3. aww i love reading all of these cute pet stories. my bigger dog has always been really smart--when he was a puppy, he learned how to open his crate door from the inside and how to take off his leash. when we got a new puppy, my bigger dog wanted a partner in crime in his house trashing adventures, so he would actually go open the puppy's crate door and they would both go have fun picking through the trash and making a mess everywhere. when we would get home--he knew he was in trouble and would look at us with a guilty face and his ears back in a submissive stance--begging for forgiveness.

    he understands a lot of words too--like "pee pee," "poopy," "walk," 'toy" etc. every time i hid his toy and asked him to go find it, my dog would go sniffing around and find it like a minute later. or if i was looking for his toy and opened a low drawer, my dog would have to stand up on his legs and stick his face into the drawer to double check if his toy was there.

    he also is really bad at watching tv--anytime he sees another dog or moving animal, he'd go "attack" and bark at the screen because he thinks they are real.

    and for human meal time--if anyone would vacate their seat, he'd immediately jump into the open seat and sit there and stare at us eating until we give him some table scraps.

    one last thing--he also has doggy dreams. it's soooo cute. sometimes his dreams would be so vivid that he would woof and move his little feet. :smile: i am obsessed with him!
  4. also sometimes my dog is such a diva :amuse: if i put out a bowl of carrots for him to eat, while i'm eating my own carrots, he won't touch his bowl of carrots. he expects me to hand feed him the carrots i'm eating.
  5. My golden retriever once ate some sea sickness pills (for human use) a few hours before we were due to get on the ferry. I had stupidly left them on the table in our holiday flat.

    When I realised I called the vet, panicking that they'd be really harmful, but he said that those pills were fine for veterinary use too and she had taken just the right amount!
  6. When I leave my seat, my terrorist runs over to keep the spot warm. She doesn't just occupy the space, she sits on her hind legs with her back up against the sofa and her paw thrown out over the arm just like a lazy human!
  7. My kitten loves everything electronic. He will lye down with his paws over the remote,iPod,iPad, and cell phone. If you try to take any of these things away from him he will hold his two paws around the device until you let go.
  8. Thats what all of my cats sofar did. The recent one even tried coffee once in an unwatched moment but i guess she didn't like it as she ran off shaking her head haha.
    She even stole a gummibear out of the bag recently and I thought she s only going to play with it- wrong thought- she ate it!!! It took her a few minutes to chew it with her tiny baby teeth but she made it. Recently she also wanted one of my skittles and ate it aswell. Haha no more sweets for her as her stomach s going to be upset I guess :smile: