What is the funniest or most 'human-like' thing your pet has done?

  1. travelbug!! I forgot to add that if my darling is sitting on the bed with us, he hates it and gets VERY annoyed when my bf or I move. so whenever he's on the bed, i try to keep very still. I once had to go to the bathroom but i wouldn't because i wanted him to stay in bed with me watching tv. i almost died!! I try to prevent my bf from going to the bathroom as well. =P but he wouldn't hear any of it!! =P

    anyways, when we finally have to move, my darling will let out a huge sigh and jump off the bed. it's like " these irritating figety humans!! cant they sit still??"
  2. :p :roflmfao: :p I totally know what you mean. Your baby is so cute! Mine sighs when she sits down, like she has done soooooo much and she needs to sit down and think! :yes: She barks, not sighs when we say 'let's go out' and we don't do that immediately- she runs around in circles barking at us. She is not very lady like. Your darling seems to be more a 'wise guy' type. ;)
  3. King, my golden "puppy"...He gets very depressed if we dont pay attention to him.. he sighs when hes unhappy and mopes around the house..he likes to get our attention but sitting next to us and slapping his paw on to our legs and staring staight into our eyes as if to say "come on guys!" if we still dont pay attention he huffs and puffs around the house and ignores us.. hes got a bit of a 'tude..lol
  4. :p They all do, don't they? Your puppy sounds so cute!
  5. rella: Heh heh sounds like he's telling you guys to pay attention him. he's the king after all !! :nuts:

    Travelbug: that is sooo cute that she sighs like she has done alot and has to sit down!! it's so funny!!:graucho: i mean what would we get our puppies to do? clean the house?? more like take a treat from us.... HEHEHEH
  6. He's long dead now but my mums Golden retriever used to sneak into the close by store & "steal" a tin of dog food & from all the tins he always picked his correct brand LOL He came home with it in his mouth, my mum used to have to go then & apologise & pay :yahoo:
  7. ^^^ LAUGHS he's so SMART!!! Awww he sounds adorable. i'd call him an independent dog =) hehehe
  8. My dad's Boston Terrier growing up used to follow them to school and wait on him and his brothers and sisters so he could walk them home!

    When my Boston was a really young pup, she would take my hair out of the pony tail while I slept. I'd wake up at some point, find the rubber band, and just put it on my arm. She used to get the rubber band in her mouth, and pull it as far as it would stretch and let it snap back onto my arm to wake me up and let me know she needed to go out.
  9. The dog in my avatar gets super jealous (not in an aggressive way) when I give my SO a lot of physical attention such as hugs & kisses. He makes all sorts of goofy noises to show how frustrated he is.....lol.
  10. What I found really funny is how our family pet (a Great Pyrenees) differentiates her eating style based on what utensil we use. For example, if I use a spoon and give her something, she licks the food off the top of the spoon. If I give it to her on a fork, she clamps gently down on it, and slides her teeth back gently to get the food off.

    And lately I taught her to do a bicycle jog sideways when I say "POWER!" to her. haha.
  11. My cat does the craziest things when she thinks we are asleep. She pees in my bathtub and covers it with towels, gets behind my couch and lays down on my shoes!
    Also, everytime we put the bags on the floor to pack for the holidays, she very, very slowly sneaks away and hides. She hates travelling!
    She only drinks water from the sink. She uses the water bowl to check her reflection, it's too cute! When she was a kitten, she also drank from the toilet! lol
    And she once turned the electric stove on by herself, at that time we didn't even know how to turn it on ourselves! :p
  12. Today my dog decided to let me know she thinks I need to go bra shopping. She chewed my cutest convertible bra right in half. It must have been in the floor near her crate, and she stuck her little demon paws out and reeled it in, pulled it through the slats, and went to work. Damn dog!!!
  13. I have taught my horse to kiss people. If you make a kissie type noise he will nose you on the lips!
  14. My little male dog (who recently passed in November) would always carry his huge teddy bear around with him, and often pull it out the doggy door into his bed on the patio. He loved cuddling with it. Someties I'd come home and find it stuck in the doogy door. He was so precious. :heart:
  15. Just last night, my doggies cooked me dinner!!! I'm lucky, I know!! :roflmfao::giggles: