What is the funniest or most 'human-like' thing your pet has done?

  1. Our dogs used to be very smart. One always refused to pass a graveyard near my old home - there was also a Saxon graveyard there from over 1000 years ago. Weird or what ? Another dog used to sleep when my parents drove from their house to mine (about 5 hours) and then suddenly awaken and sit up when they reached the traffic lights turning into the road I lived on. This dog also made a fuss when my parents once drove to see their friend and passed (without turning off) the usual mororway junction (about 2 hours from their home)that led to my house. The dog obviously thought my parents had taken the wrong turn !!

    My hamster used to push open doors by standing on his hind legs and pushing a door ajar with his front paws. One day when I had closed the door tight he tried to open it by walking along the width of the door (on his hind legs)trying to push it and looking at me as if to say "Why isn't it opening ?". He also understood the word "NO" and wouldn't do anything if I said NO to him.

    Another hamster wouldn't go to sleep unless I spoke to her every morning. She would stay awake until I said "hello" to her in the morning (as they sleep in the day). She would also squeak when she climbed to the top of the cage for me to put my hand underneath her so she could drop into the palm of my hand (rather than climb down herself) !! Once she also squeaked loudly when she was in her plastic ball running around the living room and saw the other hamster escaping from his ball. She knew he wasn't allowed out and tried to let me know. :idea:
  2. My Lee totally understands english. He stands on his hind legs and taps at the door, and can stand on his hind legs for a long time, the older he gets, the longer he can balance. He also is a TOTAL guy! This 17 pound fluff ball always has me on the edge of the bed, with almost no sheet while he sleeps in the middle of my bed. I always forget to take a picture of how he sleeps on his side with his head on the pillow, comforter till his neck, with his paw resting over it. ITS TOO CUTE! He also barks and gets mad at the TV, when I'm watching a game. He also takes his treats and holds them inbetween his two paws. I don't know how to describe it, but he has human tendancies, besides the fact of licking...ahem.. down town..:rolleyes:
  3. When I tell my cat Bordeaux to "go sleepy"...he goes to his bed and falls asleep. It's very cute. When I say "bedtime" he runs up the stairs and waits for me in bed.
  4. One of our dogs could open a kitchen drawer that had food in it when she was hungry. She was very careful to curl her paw on the handle so she didn't scratch the wood. Sometimes when she wanted a special nap, she'd jump on our bed and manage to get under the covers with her head on the pillow--the bed wasn't messed up. It was amazing that she could do it so neatly with her paws and nose!
  5. Aww ... your dog is really smart. Mine knows when I drive her to 'grandma and grandpa's' and she sleeps on my laps when I drive, but she gets up as soon as I turn on my parents' street, don't know how she knows it!

    Also, she barks at all of us if we don't say 'Hi' to her when we get home. She chases us and follows us everywhere inside the house until we say Hi to her - what a demanding little being!!!
  6. Do try to take a picture - that's so cute!!!
  7. As i hv said, my kitten loves drinking my green tea from my mug... n here is a pic of her drinking my tea. the pic was taken when she was only 2 months old.

    sorry abt the pic being a little bit blurry, was trying to reduce the file size to post it on here :p
  8. ^^^omg! your cat is so cute and tiny!!
  9. LOVE this thread!! :heart:

    I have been waiting to post until I captured a pic, but it's not gonna happen (my girl is shy, hee hee):

    My Rottn girl will come press her chin on your knee and look at you like, "I'm adorable". If that doesn't work, she'll press her chin on your hand, then try then arm, and if all that fails to make your go "ooo" she will endevour to press her chin on your shoulder (couches make perfect posts for this!).

    She is adorable :love:
  10. I had a cat who learned to flush the toilet (but she never learned how to use it!). Hubby & I were dead asleep one night and whoooosh goes the toilet. When there are only 2 people in the house and the toilet flushes at 2 a.m., it kind of gets your heart palpitating. We went running down the hall and there she sat proud as can be. We made the mistake of laughing in front of her and she became fixated on flushing that darn toilet -- between midnight and 4 a.m. for several days until we tried closing the bathroom door but the learned how to turn the handle.

    While not a human behavior (at least I hope not), she would also collect house flies, tear off one wing, and keep them hidden under the sofa. She'd pull one out to play with it, which consisted of watching the poor thing turn in an endless circle. I never knew what I'd find hidden in or under the furniture. Her other favorite treasures were stolen Q-tips and sticks of gum.
  11. Hysterical!! ^^^

    My first Rottie used to help herself to the pool. On hot summer mornings we would sleep with the patio doors open, screens shut.

    She would open the screen with her nose.
    Then we'd hear SPLASH!!! followed by the dog paddle, then water on the cement, and finally the dog SHAKESHAKESHAKE.

    I miss that girl like mad.
  12. My little one, Mr. Zakarian, bopps his head back and forth when DH or I whistle.
    He likes to try to lick the microfoam off my Cappuccino, (Don't worry it's not possible to reach the coffee).

    I have to keep him in his carrier when I'm in the car, or he attempts to try to turn the steering wheel.:sweatdrop:
  13. If we are gone for a few hours and come back, he cries at us like CRAZY. When we tell him "shhhh!!!!" he cries even more... my mom says that he sounds like he's arguing and yelling at us as to why we took so long or haven't given him to eat or taken him for a walk. :p
  14. My cat takes candy wrappers of for me, she peels them with her teeth while the candy is still in my hands. I´m very proud:yes::roflmfao:
  15. My female bengal is always dragging things out the cat flap, then back in again..she's especially fond of kids toys.:rolleyes:

    I'm always finding odds and ends in the garden - i bring them back in, only to find them back out there again!:nuts: