What is the funniest or most 'human-like' thing your pet has done?

  1. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Mine is a girl and she humps too! What's up with that???? She humps my DH's arm, her favorite toys, etc. :nuts:
  2. A doggy thief!! :p It's cute that your baby puts her head on a pillow. Mine has done that a few times. I have a picture of her taking my spot and sleeping like a human right next to my DH. Too cute!
  3. You should snap a picture of your dog with the pacifier in his mouth!
  4. Wow Ripley is really smart! I'd freak out too.:p
  5. Too cute. My dog slaps her water bowl when it's empty.
  6. My pup prays. She lies back on the ground and put her paws together and moves them up and down.

    She also speaks when i say "i love you", she trys to say it "r... roo.... roo" It's quite funny.
  7. You all are too funny!!!!! Love it!!

    My dogs aren't too human but one of them likes to sit on the couch like a human...and both sleep under the covers sometimes with the doggie heads on the pillow!
  8. My cat Jack meows "hello".....no kidding! It's when he's alone in one of the rooms and calling out to us or his brother. It's like "HELLOOO". Jack also knocks on the bathroom door when I'm in there to get in. Jack also goes up to any sink in the house and then starts meowing for me to turn it on so he can drink.
    His brother Sammy likes to play catch/baseball in between my bf and our daughter. Sammy also cries like a dog when we get ice out of the ice-maker. He loves to try and catch it, so we play a game of tossing it in the sink.
    I :heart: my kittie children!
  9. My Bloodhound Sydney sits like a human on a chair, with his bum on the chair just like you and I would do. This is a trait Bloodhounds and Great Danes seem to do
  10. Once when my rottie was a wee little thing..about 5-6 weeks old..we had him in our garage eating, while we were in the room next to the garage eating..my father had opened up the back door but put a huge kiddy door so he'd be able to get fresh air but not run out..
    He cried for about 5 minutes and when I finally noticed it was quiet, I opened the door and found--NO PUPPY! The gate was still up and I started to freak out.. within seconds we heard a soft scratching on the door--ran to get it...and my little puppy came running (wobbling) into my arms..
    Did I forget to mention we only had him for a day? And we had a HUGE HUGE HUGE yard..and I can only imagine how terribly diffifult it was for him to walk allllll the way around our house (we didn't have a fence yet installed) and up to the porch
    ..he was the love of my life that dog....I saw him being born..
    I miss him
  11. Speaking of him..I actually once caught him sleeping on my bed, paws up in the air snoring like an old man..I snuck up on him and whispered "Crush!" (his name) in his ear and he got so scared he rolled off my bed and fell on the floor.. Let me tell you 150lbs of dog makes a loud noise.. LOL
  12. I had a male Dachshund named Sausage and he was an grumpy little bast*rd but of course completely adorable. Whenever I would admonish him, he'd seek revenge in some kind of way. One time I caught him eating a bag of pretzels and I took it away. 10 minutes later he peed on my bed. LOL.

    My lab is much more cheerful but has an intense fear of vaccuums and UPS trucks. The hair on her neck stands up and she hops around like a mime with hemmorhoids.
  13. My 4 months old kitten loves drinking my green tea from my mug, dont worry, the tea isnt hot at all. i can upload a pic of her drinking my tea if u girls wana see.. :p
  14. YES!!! Please do, I'd love to see it!:yahoo:
  15. The cleverest thing Jackson my Jack Russell did was when we were in the sitting room and he wanted to sit on the sofa but I didn't want him up so he went into the kitchen and got his bed and carried it into the sitting room and then got in it, it was so cute!

    And the funniest thing was today when I took him to the beach for the first time and he kept trying to bite the waves! Hilarious!:lol: